Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Bellabox Review: Is it worth it?

Last July I signed up to Bellabox.com.au because I was interested in seeing what I was missing out on Health and Beauty wise.

I had done a bit of research, and whilst there was the occasional issue here and there, it was overall positive.

Last week I cancelled my subscription.


For a number of reasons.

- A lot of the product samples are cheap supermarket brands.

- There is little consideration for your beauty profile. I keep receiving foundation samples for medium shade. Which is amusing for someone who is incredibly pale.

- Continuing frustration with Aus Post. I would receive the shipping information a week to ten days before the package was shipped.

- There was a lot of repeat samples. In particular Palmers and Aveda.

All in all, if I was 15 and looking at getting into make up, I would love this.
But I'm 28.
A lot of the stuff I was being sent I have used and not like (or it didn't like me) or I was already using or I would see at the supermarket when it was on special and buy to try it.

The pricing is competitive for the market, even with the recent price rise. But for $3 more I can get really great things from places like Lust Have It (which have their own problems)/
Communication occassionally can be a bit off and I've also found that the box delivery date is never a set time of the month, which is frustrating.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Shiny and New

Myself and (possibly) a friend of mine are starting a new blog.
It's all nice and shiny *U*
It's called How Not To Run Your Life
check it out - will post here occasionally

Thursday, March 10, 2011

I did it again.

I've continued to fail at posting more blogs.
I will soon